Personal Digital Security

Online Ghost Services

Do you need ultimate online privacy?

Today's digital world is full of neverending ways in how you are being tracked and monitored.  For many people, this can pose dangerous, life-threatening consequences.

Victims of stalking, defamation, lawsuits, and many other legitimate reasons want you may want to keep your information, or location private without having bottom feeder sites replicate and track your every move and post your personal information. Some people's lives depend on extream digital privacy and protecting their location data.

There are ways to clean up your digital fingerprint and secure your information.   For some people, it is just a matter of want to choose in your privacy, and for others, they need to get entirely off the digital grid now. 

Regardless of your needs, feel free to contact us to discuss custom options to clean up your digital fingerprint or on how to operate undetected in the digital age. 

You won't find us on Social Media website, Google Ads, Bing or Yahoo adverting.  Claro is built from the ground up via word of mouth. Even our own digital fingerprint exists.  We want to help you take back your privacy.