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For the full pro-active approach to a more standardized and focused IT solution. This is often called the managed IT services or the (MSP) method.  The outsourcing some or all of the information technology needs of your business to an IT company. 


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Need help with getting a solution implemented, or some technical services for your business?  We offer T&M project resources and consulting for the small to medium business market. Our rates start @ $85 per hour plus materials. 

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Information Technology Security

IT Managed Services

A Fresh New Outlook To IT Managed Services.  Ask about our one time projects.


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Information Technology Security

IT Managed Services

Let us help you implement cloud technology that is right for your business. Already in the Cloud? We can help you navigate. 


Information Technology Security

Information Technology Security

Information Technology Security

 Claro is IT security-focused.  Let us help you get your business network up to par with our business IT security solutions.

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Need new networking equipment for your business, or is your business in need of an IT upgrade?  Claro provides full IT network solutions.  We build standardized IT networks around your business needs. 

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Need help setting up your company email or migration? We can set up and manage your business email needs. 

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Let us help your business find the right balance between IT security, cost and still make it practical for your business needs.

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IT Security From Our CEO

The single most vital risk I see right now trending for business owners and individuals is the IT security gap or the total disregard a threat even exists.  The amount of personal data each user gives away daily on all of their devices is a security risk and personal safety risk.  The last eight years, I traveled all over the world.  From almost every state here in the US to India, Germany, Canada, and multiple stops in South America. Over the years, I can attest to personally seeing numerous businesses falling to some form of cyber-attack every couple of weeks.     Feel free to reach out and set up a time to discuss the potential exposure your business may have to IT security risks.  Many business owners mistakenly believe the advances in cloud technology makes them more secure.  It is a false notion that just because we move our data to an off-premise server, it is somehow safer. Many companies had significant data losses this year who had not set up their Cloud IT solutions correctly.    If you would like to set up a time to discuss IT services or how to mitigate today's security threats to your business, feel free to reach out at any time.  How long could your business run without any of your data? Would customers come back after you had a vital data breach or loss of funds? 

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Cyber Crime

The True Cost of Cyber Crime

How much time and money are potentially at risk when your business is hit with a cyber-attack?  I have seen prospects who permanently closed the doors to their business because the loss of data, clients, and reputations was so significant they had shut down and start over from square one.  Statistics tell the trends business owner and managers should know about their IT. The Cybersecurity Ventures annual crime report indicates that the same costs will reach $11.5 billion annually this year and $20 billion per year by 2021 Not to mention the personal cost when all of your personal data is painted publicly all over the internet.  How easy is your home address to find online?  Stalkers publicly, disgruntled employees, or anyone looking to do you harm have most of your personal information at their fingertips and you are most likely providing more details about your daily habits to the internet daily for them to utilize. There are ways to provide yourself, your business and your family a high level of privacy online.  

•  The average number of days between when a data breach was discovered and reported was nearly 50 days in 2018, according to a report from security intelligence vendor Risk Based Security (RBS).   How would your business manage without any of its data, email, or client information for ~ 50 days?

•  The average number of days between when a data breach was discovered and reported was nearly 50 days in 2018, according to a report from security intelligence vendor Risk Based Security (RBS). Cybercriminals have shifted their focus to the SMB market and away from individuals.

•  Ransomware attacks occur every 14 seconds the frequency in which Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack this year in its 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report.

•  $1 cybercrime tools and kits Cybercrime tools and packages can be purchased for as little as $1 on the Dark Web and online marketplaces, according to the Cybersecurity Almanac 2019 by Cybersecurity Ventures.  This means it costs a cybercriminal as low as $1 to buy a tool to try and hack your business 24/7 365
Let’s grab a coffee or lunch a discuss how our approach to managing businesses IT across Houston is mitigating these threats every day. 

Photo Taken By Ryan Rundell while Consulting in India.


IT Managed Services Top Seven Questions to Ask

The number one inquiry I get in the Houston, Texas market when new prospects call in about IT managed services is typical "how much is it going to cost?" Makes sense, right?  Not so much.  It is really like calling up a realtor and advising them you want to buy "property" and want to know how much it is going to cost.

There are a notable amount of variables that come into play that will influence the cost.  Holding with the real-estate precedent, the realtor is going to need to know some basics to find out what type of property will fit you best. 

Is it commercial or residential?   Are you looking for a condo or a small ranch property?  Do you want an alarm system or gated community? 

The list can get very detailed, and each detail can impact the price. So, although you may want the stucco villa in Venice, you're not going to get it at the price point of the one-bedroom bungalow in a less than desirable location.  

It is exactly the same when we start talking about computer support services, or IT managed services providers here in the Houston, Cypress, Austin, Dallas, The Woodlands, or any city for that matter in Texas or across the United States.   

The point is if you call up and are only focused on the price point when you go to move in, it won't take long for you to figure out you moved into the trailer court next to the railroad track in a flood zone. There are a lot of options you can go with, and I recommend that you know what services you are getting and understand what is not included. 

Many of our clients have had a failed internal IT department, or they went with the IT company that tossed out the lowest price point upfront and called it good. They eventual concluded that the trailer park solution is not where they want their business IT to live.  The questions that a C Level manager needs to be looking at include price, but they need to be making sure it is the same level of service. I can almost guarantee I can go out and beat or come very close in pricing with any competitor when we match up apples to apples.  

The problem with that is our level of service is generally much more robust than any of our competitors in the market.    One example of this is the amount of equipment we can provide in our flat-rate model. We provide the bulk of the IT networking equipment like the Firewall, Wireless Access Points, Cloud-managed Switching, and a fully integrated back up / disaster recovery server with multiple redundancies. I have yet to run across a competitor who has this thrown in with their base IT managed services.   It is like buying the house with lawn service, plumbing, electrical, and roof maintenance /replacement for the life of the agreement.   Many businesses looking for IT services do not know what questions to ask, so they tend to get hyper-focused on the price, and many low-level services providers take advantage of this.

 So here are seven questions you should ask when hiring an IT company.   

1.    What is billable outside of the base price?  So many services providers can appear to come in low with a high price point, but what is included?  Is there a trip charge to come on-site? Can they fix most issues remotely?   

2.    What kind of backup do they use?  Understanding backup services are critical because they are not all created equal.  Some backups can take weeks or months to restore from. If you need to have your data backed up, how long could you wait before it is restored?  The quicker you need your data back, the more expensive options get. One-way MSPs will lower their pricing is by utilizing a fragile backup solution that may or may not recover your data, and you can expect it will take weeks to restore the data.  To top it off, the restoration will be charged as an extra. This could be a prohibitive unexpected cost.  

3.    Is there a disaster recovery plan?  Disaster recovery is a plan, and potentially additional equipment that is prepared in the event of the loss of data, disaster like a hurricane, fire, flood, CryptoLocker, malware, or something like a virus was to bring your system down unexpectedly?  This disaster recovery planning is the planning that would let you know how and when you would be back in business in the wake of a disaster.  

4.    Capacity to perform projects.  How deep is the skill set of the company?  Many companies need to outsource their IT so that they can optimize the business and scale-up. As a business scales up, you will need an IT company with the capacity to manage the growth quickly.  If it is 1-2-person operation chances are you will end up on the back burner, why they try to fit your in down the road.  You will need an IT company that can manage your business growth in a timely fashion.  

5.    What is included?  In our offering, we include a significant amount of hardware and licensing, so the client is not faced with replacing it, repairing, or trying to keep it up to date. We have found it can be more expensive to manage much old failing equipment for clients than to just flat rate them and provide the enterprise updated equipment in the long run.  The forethought here really prevents a significant amount of nickel and dimming a business down the road.  

6.    How much security is included in the base price?  There is an entire industry that revolves around selling just security services to business, and the pricing can get very costly.  One thing to be careful of low IT MSP pricing is not knowing how or if they even provide any security for your business. What is included, and what is extra?  Security offerings are generally add on's, and you will want to know what is covered and what is not.  Our packages all have a healthy amount of security built into them with options to increase it as a company may desire to tighten up security. 

 7.    What level of help desk services do they offer?  I spent two evenings and over six hours on the phone with a cell provider's version of customer service to unbrick a cell phone they mistakenly put on the lost or stolen list. It was incredibly frustrating customer service, and I had to spend most of my time on hold.  On the other hand, our help desk generally has excellent response times to helping end-users solve their IT questions.  We also typically have a first call resolution that will not require hours on hold.    

Here we have seven out of dozens of considerations to review when looking to hire an IT managed services company for your business.  If you would like to learn more about hiring an IT company that aligns well with your business, feel free to reach out at any time.          

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