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Introductory Cloud Services Offering For Businesses and MSP'S

Massive Price Beak For New Customers

Startup cost: $700 / Month

What is included: 

Cores: 4

Ram: 16

Hard Drive: 500 GB

OS: Server 2016 - 2019 (UNLIMITED) 

DR: Yes

Bandwidth: 10 MBPS / NO Data caps or metered connections. Unlimited data transfer. 

Static IP: 1

Additional Information


This service is resource-based so the client can request an unlimited number of servers as long as you have the resources available. To add resources the cost is as followed: 

Add on Cost


Hard Drive (Per 250 GB) $35.00 / Month

Ram (Per 4GB) $21 / Month

Cores: (Per 1 Core) $80 / Month

Bandwidth (Per 10 MBPS) $37 / Month

External IP (Per IP) $5.00 / Month

We provide real-time DR with our network of data centers, along with unlimited server licensing.


We want to be as transparent as possible.  Here are some additional details about what is not provided.  Some of what is not included:  - File-level restores. (If the server is crypto locked, or our Datacenter is wiped of the face of the earth, we can restore in another datacenter with minimal downtime. Restore points are typically 1 hour apart so some data loss on recovery could be possible, we recommend adding a file-level backup)  - SQL Server Licenses / Exchange on-prem licenses: Since Microsoft is changing pricing structure for SQL and phasing out on-prem Exchange, we can procure the licenses, but there will need to be a small project to verify license count/type is correct.