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The smart business choice for your business IT needs. Utilizing Claro, IT managed services for your business makes sense on multiple levels. Here we will explore various reasons small to mid-size companies will benefit from Claro IT managed services offering and projects. We are located in Greater Houston, Texas, area, or, more specifically, in Cypress, Texas.  

In addition to IT Managed services for your business we specialize in IT ghost services for individuals who want more or even or an ultimate online privacy experience.  If you are tired of your online data being plastered all over the internet, having your every move tracked online we can help give you back the level of privacy you deserve.  

"The most dangerous phrase in the language is 'we've always done it this way." Rear Admiral Grace Hopper 

Security for your business is at the top of our priorities. We have multiple levels of security, from basic to highly sophisticated, to protect your business from attacks.

Cloud Services & Technology. We are almost 100% cloud-based, and with today's advancements in technology, we want to provide our clients with a fresh outlook on how to approach business technology solutions today. If you are in the small to the mid-sized business sector and are looking for the latest in Cloud Technology for your business, we can help. Simplified. Claro will evaluate your current and future information technology needs to build a road map for what is required to maximize your IT efficiency. We will plan for growth, and your current needs for a smooth transition as a business scales up. Our IT services for your business will provide your company with a well thought out plan to be executed to maximize your uptime and efficiency.


Network IT Security. Claro's business model revolves around security, and your desire for online privacy. Today's security risk has exponentially grown, and many have not prepared for the primary threats facing businesses today. Based out of Texas, we are no less vulnerable to threats like Cryptolockers, Malware, Phishing campaigns, crashed servers, or a rogue employee. Claro IT computer services for business packages all come with a baseline of IT security built-in. Not all security is created equally, and some companies have highly critical information that needs more advanced protections. Claro has multiple levels of security we can add on to your information technology managed service offering to protect your critical data. 

We will work with your business in the Houston, Texas area or anywhere in the United States to provide you with the best IT security options available to fit in your budget and business needs. Security is the foundation of Claro and is the core around what our business revolves on. All client's information and security are handled most professionally and securely. We will help you budget your IT spend and use fiscally smart IT services. In business, there is nothing worse than the unexpected cost of business expense over-runs. Claro is always providing some level of proactive maintenance to your IT network and infrastructure. We match you with a monthly flat-rate fee to fit your budget so you can plan out expected yearly IT spend. 

Claro is your partner in making your business more productive with a secure and efficient IT infrastructure while working to stay fiscally responsible. We work to prevent the massive and unexpected IT failures many companies can experience with aging hardware by building proactive plans to keep your network updated, secure, and healthy. Claro has options for the small business, with just a few employees to the company with up to seventy-five employees. Claro, IT managed computer services is a far better option than hiring internal IT. For security reasons, you are far better off with an independent professional firm managing your IT. No risk of individual IT employees going mayday or AWOL on your business. 

Many times we are looking at the cost of one IT person for a company, and when we break down the value of one individual with benefits, vacation time, and time built in for turnover it is far more cost-effective to have an IT MSP of IT professionals manage your IT for similar or even at a savings compared to one employee. Claro can quickly grow with your business eliminating bottlenecks or limitations within small IT departments. Standardization. As a Marine veteran-owned business, you can imagine we like things by the numbers.

Written policies and procedures are the norms. Claro IT business information technology services based in Houston, Texas, is the best IT company you will find that strives to go above and beyond industry IT standards. Expect well organized, informed, and intelligent business IT services planned out for your business with Claro. 

Claro utilizes a well thought out network stack that all of our techs can provide the most responsive and detailed insight into. Just as in the military with high uniformity, standardization, well thought out processes comes a more significant opportunity for success, and increased security. 

You can have the best equipment and people in the IT industry, but if they are disorganized and lack leadership, you will have a poor experience and lack the desired results. 

Best IT managed services in greater Houston, Texas.

Best IT managed services in greater Houston, Texas.

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